Paul Aertker: Brainwashed: Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery Series

Brainwashed: Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery Series


While sleeping on the roof of his father's hotel, thirteen-year-old Lucas Benes finds a baby alone and learns that the Good Company has restarted its profitable kidnapping business. Brainwashed (Crime Travelers #1) tracks the secret urban adventures of the New Resistance, a network of international teenage spies. Lucas leads a group of friends through the hotspots of Paris-from the catacombs to the Eiffel tower-in an all-out effort to sabotage a brainwashing ceremony that could potentially turn them all into "Good" kids. A squeaky-clean international thriller for kids. A reluctant reader's dream.

My Years with General Motors became an instant bestseller when it was first published in 1963. It has since been used as a manual for managers, offering personal glimpses into the practice of the "discipline of management" by the man who perfected it. This is the story no other businessman could tell—a distillation of half a century of intimate leadership experience with a giant industry and an inside look at dramatic events and creative business management. Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was born with severe learning disabilities. As a child, she read and wrote everything backward, struggled to comprehend Brainwashed: Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery Series download ebook language, and was continually getting lost. But by relying on her formidable memory, she made her way to graduate school, where she chanced upon research that inspired her to invent cognitive exercises to fix her own brain. "The Woman Who Changed Her Brain" interweaves her personal tale with riveting case histories from more than thirty years of her work with both children and adults.

Author: Paul Aertker
Number of Pages: 310 pages
Published Date: 14 Jan 2014
Publisher: Flying Solo Press
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781940137117
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